Is daedalus sending password the last security?


What if someone has been stolen my keys of daedalus.
Is send password the last protection or not?

Nope, the spending password can be changed using the 24 seed words
If the seed words was compromised, create new wallet, bkp the seed words and move the funds


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Yes, I have the fund, but I bought nano s.

What if nano s is stolen, the pin code still the last secure?

also the other question is possible to know valid recovery phrase during brut force attack using some bot for deadalus wallet?

More and more wallets creating, more easy to get it during brut force

aaa, yes, as long no one had access to your seed words u are safe… the seed words can’t be cracked (for the moment)

PS: if the ledger will be stolen, the thief can’t access your funds without the seed words… but of course you can recover the wallet and move the funds to another wallet (generate another seed words + PIN)

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