Is it possible that bitcoin run in cardano blockchain?

I’m newbie and I’m sorry if I am wrong to ask this stupid question. I just wondering if in the future is that possible bitcoin and another coins use cardano blockchain to transaction?


My understanding is that you will be able to save Bitcoin and Ether in the Daedalus wallet. Does that answer your question?


Yess and other coins will more fast swappable and bitcoin can make smart contract in cardano blockchain? Is it possible?

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Not sure if that is possible

From my understanding, it will be possible to represent a Bitcoin or any other asset on Cardano. This Bitcoin-like will enjoy all the features of Cardano and will be swappable back to a “real” Bitcoin on the BTC blockchain. Pegged 1-to-1.
This will come from the sidechains research (actually just finished)


If sidechains support “tokens” to be pegged 1-to-1 with other currencies, that will be great.

I remember that one proposes is the interoperability of Cardano blockchain with other cryptocurrencies and with traditional financial networks.

Is there any article explaining how that will work and how will be implemented?

Yes, the foundations for these type of solutions are the so-called “Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work” (NIPoPoWs)

A great start to dig into this is the website (they have short explanations and videos) or for more technical search for “NIPoPoWs” in the IOHK research library: