Is it technically possible to increase total supply? (for testnet)

I am just wondering - is it technically possible to alter some network parameters using genesis keys to change maxLovelaceSupply parameter to higher value than 45 * 10^15 ?

Why - I think that testnet will soon run in problems due to many “throw-away” test pools that were created in the past, registered in blockchain with wallets loaded with tens of millions of test ADA and then abandoned without deregistering. That means these pools are defunct now but still get many slots allocated (which are all missed). This both slows the testnet down as well as cause billions of actively staked ADA being locked away as it’s abandoned, for that reason even faucet for test ADA now needs strong limits for how much ADA can be given out. Right now it’s still not a big problem, but in time it will be. I see only two solutions for that:

  • Reset the testnet - generate new gesis block and start over again
  • Increase the ADA supply, that would decrease the impact of abandoned ADA as the slot distribution would require more of it, reducing the impact of abandoned pools on the network performance.