Is the price going down after huobi?

Is the price going down

I hope so )

It does not matter how much a price goes up or down after a new listing.
The most important are the technical advancements

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I also hope so to have better buying opportunities! Long term I’m a strong believer that $1.25 seems like a conservative estimate for the end of 2018, trying to gobble as much as I can now in the $0.15 - $0.25 range to really maximize the future growth of ADA. I keep reading some big name “experts” analysis predicting $20-$25K for BTC so Cardano should at the very least hit the levels it did at the end of 2017. All the technological advancements in Shelley, especially staking, should help to incentivize people to HODL with ADA and drive up demand. Free ADA dividends… yes please!

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