Is there a place where people discuss basic and to a large extent still unsolved problems with decentrilized blockchain?

Helo, I’ve just recently become absolutely fascinated with blockchain tech but as much as I like to see it succeed, especially cardano, I see some pressing problems that are yet to be resolved. I’m not a programmer, I’ve tried to learn many times believe you me but I just don’t seem to be thinking like one. So I cannot participate in development unfortunately but I’d love to partake in the discussion about fundamental concepts, so where does this happen?

For example one issue I’ve been thinking about is the mnemonic phrase… The thing is, I don’t want to call most people stupid. But, the way I see it, it’s too much to ask of most people to securely take care of their wallet’s mnemonic recovery phrase, also the fact that you have to write it down on a piece of paper is kind of a historically contradictive practice. I remember back in the days when people actually had to remember their various passwords, writing them down was actually considered very bad practice!

What think you?