Issue Purchasing IOHK Summit Ticket with Ada Pay

I made a new account and decided to post here as I’ve had no luck having my issue acknowledge via email or Facebook messages sent earlier this week.

I tried to purchase a gold ticket to the upcoming Summit in April, using the Ada Pay option found on but I seem to have hit an edge case. Basically I sent my 13,788.285473 ADA to the specified Ada Pay address, the transaction seems to have confirmed on the Cardano blockchain seconds after the close of the window specified by Ada pay.

Thus I am in a state where I have no Ada and no ticket, and am seeking guidance. I emailed a few days ago but have yet to hear back, messaged IOHK on Facebook with the same result.

Acknowledgement of the issue, and assurance that the 20% February discount will be honored even if resolving this issues bleeds over into March would be helpful to me.

I am uneasy about the situation but confident that the records I have clearly demonstrate that I followed all posted directions and thus it shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone on your team to resolve this issue.

Here is the corresponding txid on the blockchain:


Hi Michael, sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, this being Community Tech Support, most people in here are ordinary folks like yourself, this is not the best way to contact officials. I’m sure IOHK will get back to you eventually but it’s obviously not good that it’s taking so long. I don’t know whether she’ll be able to help or not but I’ll tag one of the officials who does look in here regularly, @maki.mukai.

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That’s a very unfortunate situation. Hang tight and I’m sure that it will get resolved and you will be credited the 20% discount still at the early bird price. After all, you have a time stamped proof of your transaction directly on the Cardano blockchain :slight_smile: Remain patient and I am certain it will get addressed in the coming days.

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Hi @mfelic Michael! Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Let me flag this up with the event sales team and will get back to you by DM if I need any more information.



I’m pleased to report that this issue has been resolved. The blockchain came through and it’s records were easily able to prove I had sent the funds properly, and so the only thing left was for the events team to send the ticket, all of which unfolded smoothly.

Thanks Cardano Forum for helping me remedy the less than ideal situation I found myself in.