Issue with ADAX sending ADA from Yoroi to Binance

Hi guys!

I’ve bought some ADAX and then sending to my Yoroi wallet. This wallet had some ADAs already.
So far so good. The problem is when I sent the ADAs to my Binance account the ADAX seems to be sent along even selecting to send just ADA. Now, the ADAs is already in my Binance account and the ADAX is not showing in my wallet. I don’t know with one of yours have seen this before.
Here is the transaction: Transaction be09ea956c35737fd5c0c80645a232ab973ea8d10938f2db2626c4b6764e41d9 - Cardanoscan

I don’t think Binance supports ADAX (Cardano Native Tokens). They just support ADA.

Yes. They don’t support it. The problem was I didn’t select my ADAX to send. Just ADAs. I bought the ADAX in Exmarkets.

Yeah I guess there is a checkbox in Yoroi like “Send all your tokens” along with ADA - it might has been checked or even set by default. A pretty dangerous feature…

but it seems not be working. When you have AVAX and ADA in your wallet, you can choose in a dropdown the token you want to send. Anyway, speaking with binance support, they asked to reach the yoroi support. I just don’t want to be without my tokens.