ITN question : staking rewards still going on?

Hi have been out the loop since the vote; but I am confused… so what happened with original ITN and the rewards? i open my wallet and it shows the same numbers as before (a month ago) nothing changed…?

No you will receive no further rewards on the ITN. But you will be able to stake and delegate in about 2-3 weeks on the mainnet.


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Ok but when does our ITN rewards transfer to mainnet wallets? thanks.

Probably on 3 august. You will have to restore your reward wallet on the mainnet with your seed from the ITN.

More like August 18th. See the screenshot in the link below from @IOHK_Tim

Nope you will receive your first reward at august 18th but you will be able to delegate at end of july.

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OK thank you Fabian, but it’s not clear communicating wise, as I see ambassadors on Reddit claiming that staking will start on August 13.
Just saw that you are based in Bern, I’m in Geneva and have been trying to organise meetups here since late 2017.

Oh meetups would be a really great idea! But i guess my french isnt good enough :sweat_smile:

But yeah im sure about the mainnet.

As you can see here. You are able to delegate & stake at the 3th August where you can claim ITN Rewards aswell and the first staking rewards from the mainnet will be paid at the 18th August.