Jormungandr install pkg failed -need to install pkg-config and libssl-dev

i just installed jormungandr on my rock pi 4.
only to have it failed as i am missing libssl-dev and pkg-config.
i was following the iohk’s video on how to jormungandr but seems i am the one who does need to do that, as said in the video before the installation of jormungandr.

I dont know what command line to use.
and after i do, would i still download the jormungandr again?
would this create duplicate builds on the rock pi??

Can someone please help me on this!
Started the node, and then tried to check what files i had on it, so put this command in,
tail -f my_node.log
it takes me below without any username, just the cursor and does not take any command now. Idk how and where i am stuck! please help …

ok just figured out …
just in case if anyone needs its…
apt-get install libssl-dev
apt-get install pkg-config

use this on raspberry pi or rock pi…

are you sucess rock pi4?

well, i was able to install all the things and ran the node.
now, it would not take any commands, idk why?

i would really appreciate someone with this knowledge to please help me…

Usually (depending on the installation) this covers it all:

sudo apt install git build-essential libssl-dev pkg-config

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-f means you are following the output of the log file (that is apparently empty in your case)

You need to exit with ctrl+c first to accept command again.

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