Just dumped for 10 points..Who is staying in?

Couldn’t resist…I dont have the batts to stay in…had to take mah winnings and cash out. Waiting for the pull back to buy in. Hope I’m right and didnt miss the boat.

This is not trading advice. I am not a financial consultant. Any person investing in cryptocurrencies should consult a financial advisor. Nothing in my post should be construed to be investment advice. This post and all of my posts are for entertainment purposes only.

man…moved 2.3 to the upside…that sucks! On the sidelines now…

I’ll cash some out at $5.00.


Wow! Hodler for real!

Let’s see if I have the guts to follow through!

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It’s been green all morning…tempted to hop back in but…nope. I’m about to spend these winnings and hop back in at break even or less.