A turn for the worst

The usual disclaimer. This is not financial advice. I am not a financial consultant. This information is my opinion only and should not be construed to be advice for any person to be used for the purposes of trading. This information is for entertainment purposes only. Anyone trading in cryptocurrencies should conduct thorough research before investing and work under the assumption that they will very likely lose their entire investment.

Now that we have that clear. This is not financial advice. Just looked through my data and analysis of the markets. BTC is about to take a whopper of a hit. In my opinion, it will fall below 3k soon. Ada to .014-.02. I think I’l snap some up during the pump and dump and maybe grab some to hold if it reaches fire sale prices as my model predicts. We asked for the same prices as Japan and the rest of Asia when Cardano started, well I think we’re soon about to get it! trying to narrow down the time frame now but I have to look back through some snapshots and work through the data. Preliminary estimates is between 3-7 weeks right now…maybe I can narrow this a bit. This is exciting news for traders…horrible news for hodlers.

Lastly, this information is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial consultant. This information should not be used for portfolio planning. Any person trading crypto currencies should conduct their own research and analysis.

Let’s see where the market goes!!

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The way it’s written is that Ada will fall to between fourteen cents (.14) and two cents (.02). I’m not sure if that’s what you meant.

It’s 0.02-0.03 zoom already. Too panic now.

Thanks for the catch. Corrected.

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It should get worse. Data is coming a bit early but I think stabilization over the next week and then tank a bit more, then a bloodbath and selling out in style. I think this is when I may pick up and likely throw money out the window. It’s a gamble at this point. Looks like everyone is cashing out looking for a donor.

This is not financial advice.

Hi michael94588

You’ve made a prediction but haven’t explained why anyone should take you seriously, how long have you been trading professionally?

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I don’t need to explain why I should be taken seriously. I do not want to be taken seriously. Anything I post is my opinion and for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial advisor or a financial consultant. Anyone trading in cryptocurrencies needs to research the market on their own and come to their own conclusions. I do not provide trading advice. No part of my post is trading advice and should not be construed to be trading advice in any way nor should it be used to draw any conclusion. My posts are for entertainment purposes only.

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i see so no professional experience to speak of, you really should of mentioned that instead of repeating the disclaimer

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I have no need to disclose my occupation or experience for entertainment data. Feel free to read through my posts and the market state after I posted.

You don’t need to read my posts at all. Similarly, I have no obligation to you to provide information on my experience as a trader. It’s only entertainment information. I clearly state that my posts are for entertainment purposes.

Nice try though but I know enough to not fall into that trap.

Thats interesting. I definately think that there is no way the bottom is in as many are predicting. However I feel that we are due for more of a relief rally than we have seen, before it bleeds out anymore. Probably bouncing of the weekly 200ma or monthly 50ma (3150-2950 area - coinbase). Im watching those levels carefully and am looking to play a bounce. It would also set up a nice december bull trap

tl;dr; OP is hoping for a large drop so he can buy more :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not hoping. The bottom hasn’t been reached. Show me one fundamental. Just one that says a recovery is in order. Please don’t point to that dead cat bounce. I ask for one fundamental. Please point it out.

I purchase against fundamentals.

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial consultant. This post is for entertainment purposes only.

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truth be told no one knows with certainty where the price will go, anyone talking in absolutes is at best naive, arrogant or just a complete fraud

maybe you should put that in your disclaimer?


Read what I posted and check the results. I’m not mad at the shape of the market. I like making money. What about you?

@Michael94588 your the man that bro i like your positivity.

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I concur. Freefallin’ Is what it feels like. Funny how there is a lot of activity now. Seems like everyone is trying to show to justify price.

There are no fundaments to analyze for any cryptocurrency. Cryptos are not securities, there is no revenue or dividends and cryptos don’t represent a share in anything.

You’re presenting your thesis as to why it should go lower. Which is fine, it might as well go lower.

Or it could do what it did this time last year and soar 100X.

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when someone talks in absolutes i already know they are wrong, even if they luck out on occasion

it is always about probabilities


Right…we’re all just making this up. You obviously have a lot to learn. The same metrics for securities are not applied to crypto.


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That line is from Star Wars and I am not a Sith. Geez really??

This has nothing to do with luck. If so I’ve been lucky I can’t even count based on my posts. Check my posts and dates and corresponding price. Guess I’m lucky then. Yea, that’s it. Luck.