Hit a rough patch

I would be interested to hear from other members their thoughts, attitudes, reactions etc when such a big drop occurs.

Large swings are expected.

If you’re looking to buy more, then big drops are what you want to see. If not, then who cares about the price? Close the tab and check back in 2 years.

I’ve been mining, spending, using cryptocurrencies since 2011 or so. The best advice is the most obvious. Don’t put your life savings in crypto. Unless you’ve also got a hot wallet you’re using to buy things (which seems to have somehow gotten harder instead of easier compared to past years), just get yourself a comfortable amount that won’t make you cry if it all goes to zero. And then close the tab. Check back in 2 years. Repeat as needed.


Good advice Leo

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I like the drops. Make points and hop off.

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