I need members advice

With markets unprecedented tanking and ADA and all crypto going down heaps and the virus a complete unknown pandemic, what are you guys doing,selling,holding,buying more,selling then buying back later? Would appreciate your opinions.

People will give you their opinions, just be comfortable with what you do. You could listen to someones advice and be worse off.

Personally, I bought and I hold. Every ‘trade’ is a taxable transaction in the UK. I would have to make considerable gains for it to be worth it. I am not a trader so I wont risk my holdings either


Yeah,maybe just don’t look for 5 years+

Wow,we just all lost most of our money. Incredible. Once in a lifetime tanking

Not financial advice but I’m a Hodler. Fundamentally the project has gotten a lot stronger than the last time I bought at this level in Dec of 18.

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If only :smiley:

Also, you haven’t “lost” until you sell lower than you bought. In the meantime, any money you put in should simply be considered spent.

Buy and hold an amount you can afford to loose. If it then drops more then 50% from the price you bought in at, buy some more to bring your average purchase price down.

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