Just updated My Wallet - Doesn't show ALL transactions

Since I updated my wallet recently, not all of my transactions are showing to add up to the total of ADA that I own. The wallet balance is close to being correct but the transactions are way off. Any ideas of how to resolve this?

I have submitted a ticket with logs.

1st response back was in Japanese. I translated it. Said we are very busy dealing with stuff so expect a delay.

I had a similar issue. Does it just show the last 5 transactions? My balance is fine but I noticed it only shows the last 5 transactions. I’ve put in a ticket as well - mainly to let them know about the bug. Not a big deal in the short term as I can go to the explorer to audit other transactions.


Exactly…Only shows last five (5) transactions.

This will be fixed in the next release (0.9.1)


Super. Thanks!

same with me … only 5 transactions, summary ok … no big deal now I guess

Same thing here, only shows the last 5

I would think that showing only 5 transactions to your wallet would be a great privacy feature if there was no way to track any prior transaction’s, maybe this is a feature we could keep for privacy reason’s?

As I understand it, this wouldn’t give you any extra privacy. If someone has your wallet address, they can see all of your activity off the explorer. So in the end there’s no benefit to having it truncated in your wallet. If a malevolent actor is in your wallet I think you’ll have bigger concerns and they will have your addresses to research every transaction on the blockchain. In fact, if you really want privacy you need to send from a different address for peer-to-peer transactions unless you want everyone you send ADA to looking at your balance. My plan is to have a large position wallet and smaller position wallet - but there may still be weaknesses I won’t get into here. I haven’t thought a lot about or researched this feature of the wallet but I think it allows for changing addresses frequently. I’m just adding to my position at regular intervals via exchange so I’m not too concerned about this. Yet… But privacy will eventually become a larger concern for me.

You only have a transaction issue, my entire balance is missing due to the wallets poor design.

The wallet doesn’t hold your ada, if you see it here http://cardanoexplorer.com/ than its ok

I am aware of that, but through the Wallet is the only way to access it; which I have been unable to do for 4 months!! The only support received from tech support was to ask which version I’m using, then nothing. There are serious problems behind the scenes that Cardano is hiding.

I do not think that the wallet has an issue. It seems that you have not saved the recovery seed (back to the date abt 4 months ago) of the actual wallet which had the balance and when you deleted your Daedalous and did a complete new install without the recovery seeds the Daedalus created a new private (a completely new signing HD key that is hidden) and public a key (the new wallet’s public address) pair.

That’s why you cannot see any balance on the blockchain as this is a new address without any transaction. You need to recover your old wallet w the old recovery seeds. In the case, if you lost the recovery seed then, you’re really f*cked up as nobody can recover your old wallet without the recovery seeds which is used to recreate your old private/public key pair(s).

That’s very presumptions of you!! Are you working with Cardano to help contain this issue?! Because to think that someone would think that I would not have the key is an insult to my intelligence. I even offered to go to the office in HK (WITH MY KEYS) to have them look at it, but they are avoiding to set up an appointment. This is an issue with the wallet; after opening the wallet it also shuts down my MetaMask until I reset the PC. AND YOUR tech staff knows of this issue, but they have been dodging the issue with unbelievable excuses such as yours.