Limited Transactions recorded in new version

I am currently using a Mac and have just upgraded the Daedalus wallet.

I have done about 20 transactions. Prior to the upgrade all transaction were listed in the Transaction tab, 5 showing in the Summary tab.

After the upgrade only 5 transactions are displayed in both tabs.

I would like my entire history of transactions displayed.

My questions are:

  1. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  2. Was this intentional?

Probably intentional as part of the privacy that Charles has mentioned in his interviews, might also be a way to keep less data in the wallet, I have no new transactions on my wallet but I am also on windows so there might be some differences, I kind of am leaning toward this being a privacy feature just cause privacy should have a big place in the development, I suggest that if you want a record of your transactions you could screenshot the transaction and file it for your record’s. if all transactions were kept in your wallet it might take up to much space within the app and cause it to be slower just as other apps that record history run slower.

Ya I am limited to 5 only as well. Not sure if intentional or a bug/temporary but my total is accurate so that is all that really matters tp me at this point.

My total is accurate as well, should have pointed that out.

I have also only 5 transactions in my wallet, but balance is correct .

same same … only 5 transactions … summary correct …