ADA transactions in my wallet have stayed at 5 permanently

Hello, i have finally been able to load my wallet after a month of"connecting to network". And I restored my wallet successfully after uninstalling. i am able to sync blocks successfully, but Now i am having an issue where the number of transactions in my wallet have stayed at 5… My ADA balance is accurate and showing, but all my transactions are not viewable…it stays at 5…I use a different wallet address for each transaction that i do, and those do appear in the wallet as used addresses…The cardano block explorer does show the balance and history as well…any help would be appreciated…thanks.

I have the same issue - it may be universal. They are aware of this and the next update will fix it.

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That is correct…the wallet only shows the last 5 transactions…I was stuck there until I bought a few more ADA last night and transferred to my wallet…the earliest of the 5 transactions was dropped once the new transaction came in…still 5 show in the history

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“This is an UI issue and will be addressed in the 1.1.1 hotfix.”

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It’s fixed! Update out now. :slight_smile:


Are you sure? Wallet update is out ?

Well mine is, don’t know about your’s! :rofl:

Edit: 1.1.5813

:star_struck: i had issues connecting to the network, now it started synced… but it still 1.1.48 :kissing_heart:

I seem to remember somebody saying a new update could take up to 12 hours to fully deploy.

Yes as I recall it rolls out across the network, But I did get the 1.1.5813 update just minutes ago when I opened my wallet, and it updated in just over a minute and opened up like normal, shows more than 5 transactions, shows me all of them in my history.

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thanks you all for the reply. Glad to hear i am not the only one that was having this issue. So the new wallet update has been launched?

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It has and it will update when you open your wallet. If this does not happen immediately it should happen within the next several hours. I opened it in the morning and it did not update so I closed it. When I reopened it later, the prompt came up to update it and I accepted. It just takes time for it to happen across the network. After the update - you’ll then need to open the wallet and you should see all of your transactions in the transaction tab.

The update works fine all transactions are visible in transactions I use version I updated the wallet directly on the Cardano website

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Latest Mac version just fixed everything for me. Works great!


I am installing Daedalus wallet 1.1.5813 right now and it has been going for over an hour yet it is only at “syncing blocks 17.15%”… is this normal? does it typically take this long?

Yes, you are downloading the full blockchain. It takes a while. But once it done - next launches are quite fast.

I did not know that…That has to be huge. Thanks for the info. Any tips that would help make this as painless as possible?

@Mw_cryptocurious if you sync your wallet often it will take less time to sync with the current blocks, the last time I opened my own wallet I had to to sync from 96% and it took awhile, usually it takes only a couple minutes but I forgot to open it to keep synced with the network.
Usually I open my own wallet once a day, makes it very painless for me.


Yes, what @anon20038177 said basically :slight_smile:

The second best thing is to wait for the light client, that doesn’t download the full chain )

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Unfortunately, AFAIK it will, but not at the wallet’s first run. It’s not like Bitcoin’s SPV wallet, but a full node wallet that uses checkpoints instead of downloading the whole blockchain initially.

How does it work. It will download the blocks from the latest known checkpoint and will download the remaining ones (before checkpoint) later on.

Also, it will do the same if you do not start your Daedalus for long time.