Wallet only shows last 5 transactions


Am I missing an option in the wallet upgrade to select to see all of my transactions, because currently I can only see last 5. The total amount of ADA is correct.


Mine too, I’m just waiting for a reply for tech. I sent them my logs.


Also, I tried to send logs using the bug button but it failed and wanted me to do manually. That’s probably a bug?


Everyone seems to be the same, seeing only the last five transactions after the update.


https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus/pull/778 this will be fixed in the next release (0.9.1)


Not a big deal, as long as the balance is correct, all will be well soon. Just bought more on the dip.


I figure they are aware of the bug but I sent my logs in anyways. A little more info might come in handle to resolve this issue.