Viewable Daedalus Deposit Transactions

Hey there. I’ve made 6 or 7 different deposits into my Daedalus Wallet - which I created about 2 months ago, and only 5 of my deposit transactions are viewable. The total ADA I’ve deposited into my wallet is accurate, however, so I’m wondering if only the most recent 5 transactions are viewable in detail at any given time. Any help or guidance on this would be most welcome.

Which version of the Daedalus do you use? Previous versions only showed last 5 transactions in the UI. Try downloading and installing the latest version from

If the balance is right - then everything is ok. Additionally you always can check out your address[es] on the tracker: (Just put your address in the search bar at the top). If the tracker shows your transactions - then it’s ok and they are safe on the blockchain.


Thank You @vantuz-subhuman! I currently have Daedalus 1.1.0, but now see that there’s been an update. I had a feeling that my version only showed the last 5 transactions as a standard, but I couldn’t get that confirmed until now. Thank you again for your thorough and detailed response!