Number of transactions not updating in Daedalus

Hey there, the number of transactions in my Daedalus wallet has been stuck at 50 for weeks, despite me having received ADA many times over the course of this time period. I am able to see all my sent and received transactions, but im still stuck at 50. Is this a bug? Anyone else having this problem? Thanks.

Hi Rob. Have you updated your Daedalus to the latest Cardano 1.4 since December 18th?

Yes, I updated to 1.4 the moment it was released. My wallet balance is updated everytime I receive ADA, and wallet is %100 synced. I can also see all the transactions that have been made. Just the count is frozen.

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Ah, I see, mine is maxxed out at 50 also. Maybe that is a limit due to a bug or something. I can summon the master jedi @SebastienGllmt and @vantuz-subhuman and maybe they know if there is currently a limit?

Here is how mine looks:


This is Fixed in 0.12.1, Changelog (with PR) below:


Thanks Rick. Glad to hear I’m not the only one having this issue. Yes, I’m sure sebastian would be more than able to help us.

So what im.gettibg out of this is that theres a minor update being released to solve this? When?

(This and a couple of other issues)
Should be out pretty soon, talking about days (or less) :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir for the quick response and thorough explanation / GitHub link.

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