Konsensis - A Short introduction

March brought a double dose of good news for Konsensis! Our pilor program with 10 women in Uganda’s Bidi Bidi Refgee Camp is well underway, and we secured funding through a generous 5000 ADA donation from the Ada Peepos (Fren) Community. We also officially registered as a non-profit in Norway back in February.

What is Konsensis?

Konsensis was started by fellow ambassador @ThomasLindseth and I. Our main goal is to tackle the digital divide by educating women in developing countries about Blockchain technology with a special focus on Cardano. We partnered with I Can South Sudan, a non-profit empowering refugee children through creative expression. Their on-the-ground connections helped us to find the women who would attend the initial program.

We selected 10 women for our inaugural course, who will be attending the 12-week course. To incentivize participation, each woman will receive a monthly stipend of $30 in ADA, paid directly to their own wallets.

The initial course feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The women grasped the concepts quickly and expressed excitement about the potential of blockchain to improve their lives. They see it as a way to:

  • Simplify financial transactions
  • Eliminate reliance on banks
  • Gain greater control over their finances
  • Improve security and prevent theft

The second course delved deeper into Cardano, exploring the origins, functionality and potential. Although there had been a 2-week gap between the courses, it was clear that the women had done some research and came prepared with some advanced questions. This lead to a lively one-hour discussion exploring real world applications for Cardano.

What is next?

In our next courses, we’ll be exploring how Cardano Wallets work and guide the women through their first transactions on the blockchain. To make sure that everyone can participate, we have secured 10 tablets that have been delivered to the women.

I’m incredibly exited for the next chapter in this course. Stay tuned for updates!

Konsensis: https://twitter.com/Konsensis

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