Ledger get stuck on “waiting commands”


I just received my ledger and trying to figure things out to begin staking my coins.

Is the “waiting for commands” a normal status on the ledger or should it say “application ready” like the other apps? Every time I enter the cardano app on the ledger it stays on “waiting for commands”.

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Do you have Ledger Live open in the background? If so close it and try again.

Its normal to have waiting for commands. You need to open Yoroi, Daedalus or Adalite and do transaction (delegate or send) from there.

And then it will change for waiting for commands and showing you how much ADA do you wantto send, transaction fee, target address, etc.

Hope it helps.

This helps, Much thanks!

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Hi I am having the same issue. I just updated my Daedalus wallet to the latest version, and it is connected to my Ledger. When I try to “Send” from the Daedalus wallet, my Ledger says, “Waiting for Commands” and I can’t send. Do you have any suggestions?

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You have to close Ledger Live if its still open in the background.

Also make sure your are using the most recent ledger firmware and Cardano app on your ledger device.

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I updated the Cardano app in Ledger and it fixed the problem. Thanks so much Zyroxa!


My Cardano app on ledger was already up-to-date, and none of the suggested troubleshooting steps were working. I uninstalled the Cardano app on ledger, then re-installed, and it worked. No version change or anything, but it did the trick.

Then perhaps u didn’t told all the story… this is happening when u are changing/restoring the device