Ledger issues while trying to access ADA on Yoroi & Adalite (Windows 10 security popup)

Hello all,

Fix for Windows 10 security popup

The Windows 10 May edition (Windows 1903) changes how Windows interacts with Ledger devices, leading to a security popup when using web apps. Please reinstall the apps on your Ledger device if you’re experiencing issues when using web wallets.

Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X

Your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X will continue to function if you follow the instructions below. First, make sure your Ledger Nano S runs the latest firmware and the latest app versions.


Orher issue was solved with:

just underneath the Unlock with Ledger is an option to use Connect with WebUSB, which worked a treat.

Hope that helps someone who is just as blind as me. Thanks again.



Alex I have a problem with my mobile Yoroi wallet I’m trying to send out and for some reason the address is not passed in the send slot the is blinking and when I press with my finger the paste is not showing, can you please help me?


U can always use yoroi chrome extansion in your desktop browser… but u need the seed words to restore it.

Also… what version is ur app?


Hi, I am hoping for help regarding my yoroi wallet. I have a Ledger Nano S. Once I try to send ada or delegate it showing me that there was an unexpected error. It seems its not connecting the wallet with the ledger nano x. Can someone help me out how I can get back to the point where it was acutally working ( Sending/Delegatin Ada ) ada prob


Can you try do connect your ledger on adalite.io using webusb function, from there you can delegate;

I am waiting for you :slight_smile:

Happy delegation!

Hi Alex thanks it worked. I tried it with a different browser few seconds ago and it was Mozilla not connecting properly. Thanks for your reply anyways. Very thankful for your support.

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Android on my Samsung galaxy S10

no, what yoroi app version have u installed?

I guess Shely Era ,and used to work just fine only now when I have more ADA in they probably no let me move, I want to move to Atomic wallet

Salut Alex

Wow am reusit asreara sa transfer ADA

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Ma bucur mult, ai delegat?

Le am delegat ieri la tine dar nu am mai putut scrie ca am depasit astia only after 10 ore dar le am transferat in Atomic Wallet

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Multumesc pt sustinere

Hi Alex

PLEASE HELP ME…I’m so stuck!! I have a metamask account that’s linked with my Nano S and I’m trying to send funds out of this wallet to another wallet but the windows security tab keeps stopping me.

I’ve already done the following…

Upgraded to current firmware
Deleted and reinstalled all ledger apps

Nothing I can do is allowing me to send my funds! If i can’t unlock them, they will be gone forever. Is there anything I can do please? Thank you so much for any help…



Can u ignore the popup from windows? Just move away and continue your job… try few times… I understood this can work