Ledger Recovery Phrase Question

Hello all,

So I created a yoroi wallet with my ledger some time ago and I tried to access it again. Unfortunately, I used the recovery phrase from my ledger to restore my yoroi wallet instead of connecting to my hardware wallet. So is my ledger compromised since I entered the recovery phrase? Or should I be ok continuing to use my current ledger? thanks all

Should be fine as long ur computer is not compromised (yoroi doesn’t record the seed words anywhere)

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Your ledger seed is not supposed to be entered anywhere except into your ledger. If your computer was compromised at the time of you entering the seed into yoroi, an attacker can use that seed for a ledger of their own and take your funds. It is up to you if you take the risk or do a new ledger seed and move your funds.

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The seed phrase from your hardware wallet should never touch a computer. That is tthe whole point of a hardware wallet. You could consider reinitializing your Ledger and create a new seed phrase and send all funds to the new seed phrase.
Additionally here are some tips on how to split the seed phrase for a robuust backup: Seed phrase wallet backup template - Google Docs