Yoroi update (Wallet Ledger & Wallet standar)

Hello folks,

I have a kind of stupid question, I didn’t find the answer on the forum, so I create a new one.

So, for make this easier, I’m on Yoroi since a long time and I have a “Shelley - Wallet standard” which is dedicated to my pool.

Today, I created another Shelley Wallet, so I put the ledger key, everything is good. But at the end, I have a “Shelley - Wallet ledger” (so it’s different from my first Shelley - Wallet standard) and there is no recovery phrase for that one, I tried to connect on another computer, it’s working.

My question is, Is it normal now that we don’t need recovery phrase anymore ? Yoroi did a kind of update ?

Thanks for confirm me this !


Its because you connected your Yoroi with your hardware wallet.

Your keys are on the hardware wallet which means you could connect it to any pc and always have access to your funds. Obviously you also dont get a new seedphrase as you already got one when you set up your Ledger device.


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Alright ! Thanks @Zyroxa for your confirmation :slight_smile:

Cheers bro !

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