Let's create "First two lifetime block" community

Name/ticker will be STAYK, finalizing the build this week


Hi, we just started the queue rotation, you should do your delegation by the end of epoch 249 that ends in 9 hours, please connect to discord for information https://discord.gg/zfddx2Jukd

Is it correct that the pledge in this pool is approx 150 ada?
did we discuss a set stake amount per participating pool?
i have close to 17k ada now, i really like the idea of supporting, but somehow staking more then the pledge. maybe that is just my jitters about losing potential rewards. i see no other pools staked there so i was wondering when this goes live.

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based on how you decide to delegate you get more epochs to stay with all delegation when is your turn.
Some members have already delegated: Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web.

It will be active in 2 epochs 251

I’ve managed to create a seperate wallet with an amount i can delegate without interfering with the registry of our own pool soon, so i can at least support the list and hope to get you guys some blocks to kickstart the procedure!

Have a great night!

EDIT: I see my stake registered on the pooltool website, now fingers crossed :wink:

[quote=“stefanosu, post:20, topic:47588”]
To define let say, a time limit rule:
if after 7 epoch a pool is first with all delegation and the pool got at list 1 block
then the queue will pass to the next pool even if the thresholds are not reached.[/quote]

This might need some explanation, so if te pool that is currently first in line to be the target delegation pool, we do that only 7 epochs? and if that doesnt work you have bad luck? or am i reading this wrong. i understand englisch might not be your main language so maybe there is some confusion here :slight_smile:



the rules are not set yet.

But as long as the stake is below 1000k it is very luck based.

There are many ideas how to make it fair for everyone.

  • We rotate after each epoch / 2 epoch / 3 epoch
  • We rotate to a random pool in the queue
  • The pool which misses to delegate is ranked down in the queue
  • if we have substantially more ADA we may build more groups
  • we plan to implement the rules in a smart contract as soon as it is available on the mainnet.
  • Add your proposals in the discord group: https://discord.gg/zfddx2Jukd



The rules are almost defined, you can check at F2LB - Google Sheets

We have already started, join us on discord: https://discord.gg/zfddx2Jukd
and start delegating right now.


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We would love to you join on your mission, our ticker is HELP

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That is nice. Join our discord group: https://discord.gg/zfddx2Jukd

We did it !!!
We mint our first Block as F2LB community with LUCY pool.


Join the L2FB Discord Server!

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Hi guys. I just want to update that I minted my 2nd block last night. This is the 3rd block attributed to the F2LB Alliance. This is indeed a great team!



Another #F2LB mission completed!
3 blocks Forged on epoch 266 by the pool with F2LB delegation active,
giving to all F2LB delegators a good reward.

You can contribute as a sponsor in #F2LB community by sign-in at
and receive the email with the pool to delegate.

You’ll have a high reward maybe not all epochs (we’re getting close) but over a year will be much higher than a big pool.

Plus you will help small pool and cardano network growing and consequently ADA price increase.

Now we are delegating more than 1.3 million ADA to the first pool in queue
and we have already forged 10 blocks.

You can have all the infomation asking on our very active community discord server on

L2FB Discord Server!

F2LB founder - Stacking Pizza Pool [STPZ1]

Here F2LB trend:

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I have the small SAMBA pool created recently … My current wings are 1k pledge and 2.5k delegation of my property. Do I have a chance to work with you? If so can you guide me how to proceed?


Yes of course, come to discord and ask: F2LB

Trend is getting better @F2lb2 #F2LB, minting at list one block every epoch and giving a good reward to all delegators and reach the goal to give a start to a small pool. Follow us on discord https://discord.com/invite/zfddx2Jukd and Join as a sponsor or as a pool owner.

F2LB founder - Stacking Pizza Pool [STPZ1]

Here F2LB trend:

#F2LB @f2lb2 update

If I joined today with 2,500ADA, how many epochs would I have to wait? Thanks in advance!