Link to download cardano 8.7.2 binary?

I’m currently running some commands like below to get the binary in docker (but don’t worry if you don’t know docker it just simulates terminal commands, WORKDIR is same as saying cd /home/cardano/bin

WORKDIR /home/cardano/bin

RUN wget -O 8_1_2.tar.gz && tar -xvf 8_1_2.tar.gz

I was hoping I could download it this way by changing all the 8.1.2 to 8.7.1 but it didn’t work. Does anyone know the working link to download the latest binary so I don’t have to create it from source? I tried the github but every download link is broken haha.

You might wanna test if the link above works for you.

edit : nvm misread sorry

That seems to be the source code? Seems they forgot to attach the binaries for this release…

P.s. Didn’t notice the switch to “IntersectMBO”. Something new?

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They moved the repositories over as one of the steps to give over control (and responsiblity?) to the community.

Could become good.

But up to now it’s not really clear how this “Intersect MBO” will work. No bylaws to be found anywhere. Incorporated in some city next to Hoskinson’s place with only IOG employees listed on official documents. So, kind of feels more like show to me than like a reallly meaningful handover.


Where is the binary in there? This appears to be the source code only? Maybe I’m going to be forced to compile from source code then, any good guides for the latest version on this?

Maybe try to compiling it like the previous version or wait for this one: [BUG] - Missing binaries Cardano Node 8.7.2 · Issue #5578 · IntersectMBO/cardano-node · GitHub

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Is this version required for mainnet right now? I have a feeling it is since the incoming connections aren’t as high as they usually are.

Nope. You still can run 8.1.2

When is 8.1.2 being phased out?

Seems weird there’s no binary. I tried building it and got an error.

I wish there was a Dockerfile available, that would make it easy to build. I looked in the repo and could not find it. Has anyone seen a Dockerfile?

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