List of Cardano / ADA staking pools (Unofficial)

I think only the pools that successfully go thru testnet are allowed into main-net at first stages. So registration may be considered to be for both test and main nets.

If you go to registration page - there are some forms to fill and checkboxes to check.

Here’s Charles’ old comment about it:

Question was “Is Praos going to supplant the older Ouroboros? Or is this still under consideration?”

Good question. Ouroboros is currently implemented. We went with it because it’s easier to run and also fully peer reviewed. Praos isn’t finished yet.

We are currently improving praos and will move To a later version of the protocol. It’s semi-synchronous, doesn’t require a heavy MPC protocol for randomness and encourages us to adopt a quantum resistant signature scheme for input endorsers and slot leaders. This means block times can be shorter and the protocol will run faster in practice. Expect praos in 2018 partly starting with the shelley release and later releases.


Got it, thanks

Lots of new stuff on pool s


Nice, thanks for sharing it here. So the hardware configuration of the nodes will be determined as part of testing; makes sense.


@SebastienGllmt nicely explains some background processes

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I love how people are donating their time and efforts to create this system of support for Cardano.


Here’s another one to add to the list,

The more the merrier, go Cardano!

The list at the top can no longer be edited but I’ll add your site to our list at

Wow, that was quick. Thank you!

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Made the top post a wiki so you should be able to edit it again :wink:

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Will stake pools be making use of cloud services providers such as AWS, Azure and Google? If so, if those companies go down, or their services go through some catastrophic failure – that means the Cardano network nodes go down as well, right?

Yes but that’s true regardless of the provider. As elsewhere, diversity will be important here.

will people get rewarded for staking their ADA? How does this works?

Yes they will, about Daedalus

“Delegation will be done through a special transaction and from a user experience viewpoint, via the delegation center in Daedalus. A user can find a stake pool they wish to delegate to, select it, and click a “delegate” button. It’s just that simple. As we launch Shelley testnets, we’ll experiment with different user experience flows, from length of delegation to partial delegation (splitting stake between pools).”

I just registered I just registered the domain, anyone interested in helping running/developing the pool ?

Thank you for all the info! @rickymac I love this community! :slight_smile:


@AdamSabla I have a pool for you to add please:


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Please Add:
Currently developing ADA Staking pool software