List of Cardano / ADA staking pools (Unofficial)

testnet ada will be used for testnet

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I would assume there has been some back end work in order to move forward with the applications. Thus + 5 to 10%. Again, I don’t know the methodology behind these %s. I’m not being an apologist here. I just don’t think they’ve done themselves any favors. Then again maybe there is no progress. But I can’t know this without a breakdown behind the 75%.

I dont imagine they dont do nothing for 3 months, and do the 25% in 1 month )

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The point I was trying to make: Ouroboros Delegation should be 100%…Since the selected stakepools must be visible in Daedalus…

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I think there is a dependency on the “Incentives and fees” task, so they are waiting on that?

Sure. There is also an dependency on staking pools and incentives and fees, but still registration is open - without having a clue on the “exact” reward scheme./…

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I visited your website. Great overall information and keep up the good work! Also signed up on the email list for your staking pool.

Guys, from some reason I’m not able to edit the original post any more. I suppose there is some kind of a limit. So just keep in mind that it’s likely that not all the pools will be in OP any more - starting with

Sounds like a job for! I’m busy with something else right now, anybody else care to take it on? A page listing pools, I mean, if that’s not obvious. (Registration/login requested but not required.)

Edit: Staking Pools List on the Home page currently points here. To create a new page just search for the title.


Hi Robin, great work on the Cardano Wiki site! I’ll be happy to make a page listing all the staking pools from this thread on the wiki. Also I’ve created the awesome-cardano github repo in the tradition of having a community built and updated list of resources. Anyone please feel free to make pull requests to include things that I have not yet added. It is very much a work in progress at this stage.


Hi Michael! Thanks but if I take the credit for the current state of CW a number of other members here would be justifiably upset! It’d be great if you made that page though. And please feel free to add a link to your site (congrats on that too) wherever on CW you feel is appropriate. Developers Resources I guess might be best.

Edit: just took a look at GitHub - CardanoUmbrella/awesome-cardano: A curated list of awesome things related to the Cardano project, that’s a very good looking resource list, and thanks for the link!


Thanks to @ADA-Reigns we now have a page listing self-declared staking pools on CW:


Wouldn’t this require Ouroboros Praos, which is yet to go through peer review?

AFAIK, it is scheduled to be presented in Eurocrypt conference in Israel this month.

Here’s a list of accepted papers, #68 is Ouroboros Praos

The registration that is open until the end of this month is only for testnet. Does everyone gather that or is it just me?

Also, are there any system requirements or performance characteristics required of a stake pool node, other than being online 24x7?

I think only the pools that successfully go thru testnet are allowed into main-net at first stages. So registration may be considered to be for both test and main nets.

If you go to registration page - there are some forms to fill and checkboxes to check.

Here’s Charles’ old comment about it:

Question was “Is Praos going to supplant the older Ouroboros? Or is this still under consideration?”

Good question. Ouroboros is currently implemented. We went with it because it’s easier to run and also fully peer reviewed. Praos isn’t finished yet.

We are currently improving praos and will move To a later version of the protocol. It’s semi-synchronous, doesn’t require a heavy MPC protocol for randomness and encourages us to adopt a quantum resistant signature scheme for input endorsers and slot leaders. This means block times can be shorter and the protocol will run faster in practice. Expect praos in 2018 partly starting with the shelley release and later releases.


Got it, thanks

Lots of new stuff on pool s


Nice, thanks for sharing it here. So the hardware configuration of the nodes will be determined as part of testing; makes sense.


@SebastienGllmt nicely explains some background processes

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