List of Cardano / ADA staking pools (Unofficial)

Hi, we developing a staking pool and have an active comunity on facebook, you can check us out at

web site is being developed at the moment

More stake pool info included in todays interview and more info about the application process for stake pools happening this month (Feb)


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Please add our Cardano ADA Staking Pool to the list - NinjaPool:
(SSL will be fully implemented soon - thanks for the feedback)

We are excited to actively participate in Cardano’s vision and support the community!

We have a small, but active and growing community and FB Discussion Group:

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Definitely interested in setting up a staking pool but waiting for some more information to come out on the technical requirements. Will updates be posted to this thread?

Where do I find the information to create my own pool?

@rtacconi staking pools are not yet available, they will come with the Shelley update (check the Cardano roadmap for more details). But a good start would be to look around Cardano SL documentation.

@nalyd88 I suppose that when the updates come out, it will be hard to miss :slight_smile: but I suppose we will update this thread as well.

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si what is the minimum do stake and what is the payout 10%/? can we say cardano will be top for payout staking?

quite newb but can you stake on official deadluz wallet? whats the payout i mean is it better that neo ?

why cant cardano have like this neo gas thing isnt this better than staking, would it be the higest payout for staking

Hi Kimsonnick,
Currently there are no official numbers for what the staking rewards will be (in terms of amount).
The only real known is that of the total reward, some (25% most likely) will go back into the Cardano treasury, the other % (say 75%) is what the pool/staking coin will earn.

Re: minimum - there may not be any minimum. The staking is done using ‘lovelaces’ which is the smallest unit of Ada (similar to Satoshis for bitcoin, or pennies for US Dollar). It’s Lovelaces that are used to determine the slotleader.
Thus, in theory, you likely can stake with a penny equivalent (Lovelace)…however, your odds of actually winnning any awards are incredibly small with such a little amount.

In addition, there may be a transaction fee to register your stake…so if the fee for making a proxy (staking) key is say 17 cents equivalent, then that alone would enforce a minimum above the technical single lovelace.

(The fee’s are there to avoid DDOS attacks - example, someone has a number of computers all registering a stake, un-registering the stake over and over and over…in order to try and take down the throughput of the blockchain. A fee ensures they could do the attack, but Cardano would make money handling it :slight_smile:
Hope that helps!

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This is my pool.
Can you add it, please.

My site is written in Japanese language because my main target is Japanese holders.
(Ofcause I welcome people from all over the world.)

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@AdamSabla Can you add our rough draft of our pool?

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HI ~
We are Taiwan team
Could you help us add this link to this list
Thank you very much!

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Looking for help with creating my own Cardano pool. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.