LiveView alternative without web connection

Dear Cardano Community,

I was really fond of the LiveView feature, which has been removed with the last update.

Is there any possibility to get a similar view of the node, without having to connect it to a web server? All the RTView and Prometeus reliant view modes seem to run via a webserver, which I deem not safe.

Can I somehow get an similar view mode which I only access via secure shell as the LiveMode?

Would be happy to know

Have a look at gLiveView from Guild Operators:

There is also simpleLiveView from @Crypto2099_Corp:

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Thank you very much @Smaug gLiveView is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Except for the tcptraceroute feature, which is communicating with the web, which I dont like too much. But I think its for the peer analysis feature, which is quite handy.