LiveView Equivalents and tutorial search

Hello everyone,

I am rather green with ubuntu and it’s associated cli syntax, but I am starting to find my way. I have extensive programming experience, but with windows and industrial automation controllers (PLC’s) so the theory is there.

I have looked into LiveView and discovered it is not available anymore mainly due to security vulnerabilities.

My question:
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a LiveView equivalent, and if so, do you have a tutorial for installing?

Greatly appreciate any help on this. I got the server connected to the mainnet, working on a crypto wallet installation, and hope to have a running stake pool by EOD!

Also looking for best security practices. I have not visited that section in the tutorial yet, but figured I would ask if anyone has found a better method then what is listed in the guide!

Thanks again all,

Use gliveview… u have the steps inside the coincashew guide

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I have used about 6 of your replies on different threads to troubleshoot various aspects of this process. I greatly appreciate your input throughout the site.

Thanks Alex, I will get going on that.

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Make that 7, firewall configurations…