Pools running 1.23.0 vs 1.19.0

Hi everyone.

I previously ran a pool under 1.19.0 however retired it after 1 month. When I ran the pool it had a nice user friendly GUI-VIEW showing transactions processed, peers, blocks minted, chain density etc. I am trying to get my 1.23.0 pool up and running and it appears that the old GUI-VIEW is no longer being used. Is this correct? My new 1.23.0 pool appears to be running without this VIEW and it is only listing transactions processed as TEXT as they occur on the blockchain.

Is the user friendly GUI-VIEW no longer being used in 1.23.0?

is my pool NOT up and running based on above? Any suggestions would be appreciated?

Thanks in advance. Cheers

Hi. You could use gLiveView. It is easy to install and use.


Liveview is not available anymore in 1.23.0
You can use gliveview or RTview.

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Thank you Alexd and rodri. This community is awesome :heart:

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