Local network home stakepool, RTT and TX

Hello everyone, i’m new here but i’ve been following Cardano project and this beautiful community for more than a year now.

I decided then to committ myself to the project and create a local home firewalled network baremetal Cardano Stakepool to basically reuse old suitable harware and use some energy from my Tesla Powerwall, both in a wise way.

Everything seems to be looking good both on pooltool and adapools, my relay is in the topology and updater runs fine, but there is a thing that’s making me go crazy:
My relay and BP node connections are active under local IPs and ports and their respective RTTs are 0/0 0/0 in green colour.
My relay doesn’t process any TX neither has any MempoolTX/bytes different from 0, ever.
My producer does process TXs and all data look neat, symmetrical and elegant.

My doubt is basically this: is everything correct but i see TX 0 on relay because of green RTT 0? Is the relay transferring TX in and out of the producer with 0 latency so doesn’t really need to process anything? Or is something legitimately wrong?!??!!?

Here are a couple of screenshots, hope anyone has any clue on this, thanks in advance!


Sorry for thrashing the forum, I’ve actually found the solution!
Roaming around different guides, I had accidentally modified mainnet-config.json Tracemempool to false, changed back to true and everything started showing up!
Shame on me…



Yes - that was my first thought on this… good, that you find it out…
actually instead of deleting the topic you can mark your post as solution - so later if someone has the same issue can easily find the fix for that.

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Thank you so much anyway lapslaz, you were one of the candidates to solve my “issue”!! Topic flagged, shoud remain for future readers

See you around!

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