Logins have been enabled again on PoolTool

from pooltool.io telegram channel (@pooltool):

Logins have been enabled again on PoolTool. You may login and claim your delegators addresses and/or pool addresses. If you are a Pool Operator then you will need to claim your rewards address for your pool to have access to the management tools. If you are a delegator, claiming your address now will allow you to have access to some features we have coming up soon.

The easiest way to claim your address is to find it in the delegators or pool section and click the claim button which will look something like this once you find your address details page:
At this time we allow you to update your pool message. Telegram communications are coming back soon.
Please keep in mind that this is a totally new login system. Everyone needs to re-create their account to claim their addresses and pools. The old email based system will not work. You are now logging in with just a cardano address and a password.

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Yeah, but u need to send 1 ADA for confirmation :slight_smile:

Yeah, and if you forgot password and want to reset it, you also need to send ~1 ADA :slight_smile:


Yeah - but I think it is clever way to identify a pool owner, and get some donation in the meantime:)

I’ve already sent over 8 ADA to them trying to get my login, my fault, I sent it from the wrong wallet - took me a bit to figure it out and they only give you an hour. Last night Coinbase was taking forever and a day to convert and send ADA and my hour elapsed, so I had to do it again with more money. It’s not a donation if you don’t have a choice but to pay it in order to use that part of their service and get an API key, it’s a fee and its just another way to squeeze more out of us - couldn’t they have done something similar as we do with the pool metadata.json? They’re credibility has become an issue for me now, unless they are issuing refunds after you have identified. Are they?

I’m trying to claim my pool address on pooltools.io
However, because my pool has not minted a block yet, I have no ADA in my rewards account. So does this mean I can’t claim my pool address until I earn rewards?

U can send 1 ADA from any other wallet

but is says this:

Send exactly xxxxx ADA to the following address FROM THE WALLET YOU ARE TRYING TO VERIFY (it doesn’t have to be from the exact address you are verifying but needs to be from the same wallet associated with the address you are verifying):

Ok, then it means u can send from the pool wallet

I’m not using CNtools. I don’t really have a “wallet” like I do on daedalus. So I should build a transaction from my pledge address?

Yes, u should send 1 ADA from ur pledge address (that address should be seen on pooltool.io)


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Yes, send from payment.addr. I did it in same way

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Ok. Will do. Side note (perhaps another thread) can I transition to the mnuemonic method and connect what I’ve set up already via cli so that I can retrospectively access everything from Daedalus?

Good question - I think not, but definitely worth opening a topic for it

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Updating pool message isn’t working for me.

Is there a benefit for the pool by having a pooltool account and sendtip?

U can check if the Producer is syncronized with the server (check mine); if it’s green it means it is ok

and also you can see the propagation time

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Then I should install the sendtip as a service

If u installed cncli it has this option

I just did ./deploy-as-systemd.sh it has those options, btw I see propagation time for my pool from 232 to 356, what are good values to see there and how can I improve it?