Lost 220 thousand ADA because of a YouTube video

Sory but the transaction can’t be canceled… once u pressed the send button … the funds are gone :frowning:

I know it hurts and I wish you the best, but you have to take some responsibility for this.
How can you have that much ADA and not be aware of this classic scam?
Then, doing that kind of transaction during work on very hectic office indicates greed took over reason.
The claim I’ve always been extremely careful is not consistent with your actions.
Is this post “vocalic blaming”? perhaps, but you were not a passive actor.
Yes, the main blame go to the scammers. I think I posted already on this forum that I think YouTube could do a lot more on this. For a week or two I reported these scams almost daily. It shouldn’t be too difficult for YouTube wizards to device an algorithm that flags this modus operandi.

This is very cool, thanks for sharing.

Would you happen to know anything about the “scam-squad” mentioned here?

I’m with you, as well good thing for me I didn’t sent all of my Ada but it hurts alot when its 10,000 worth but I’ll learn my lesson.

Agreed… "… send 1 I’ll send 2 back because magic of crypto… "

Noobs are so new they assume they know it all cuz CNBC told them “How to buy Ripple” at 3 dollars.

It sucks there are scammers in the world…

But it also sucks when people won’t read what you send them.

They ask your opinion …
you send them tons of information… pictures,
links , stories, Fb groups

and it’s “…awww that’s too much to read man I’m not really that into this…”

Then we hear “…I lost my bags.
. I didn’t know NOT to keep my passwords in my photo album…”