Lost ADA upgrading to client 2.0


I recently started my daedelus 0.15 client to sync the blockchain and i was met with a red screen telling me to upgrade the 2.1.0 client. I installed that and the only option i could do was to restore a wallet with a pass phrase, wich i have.

I installed the 27 word pass phrase for the new wallet and let it completely sync to 100% .
But my ADA coins are not in there now ? it still show 0 funds.
The client has been online for 5 hours and no improvement.

Did i do something wrong in the transfer of the exisiting wallet ? if i start the old 0.15 client it only give me the red screen.

Please Help anyone.


27 word passphrase seems to be from paper wallet, not the usual Daedalus wallet - which would be of 12 word seed

I think he meant 24 word!?