Lost laptop and recovery phrase


Back in 2017 i bought cardano on binance and sent it to my deadaluswallet on my laptop. A long time i didn’t think about it but a couple days ago I remembered buying cardano in 2017.

But now the problem. The laptop with my wallet was broken and is gone. And I lost my 12 prhase recovery code. The only things i have left are the passwords i used back them enAnd the address where the cardano was sent to.

Is there a way to get my cardano back?

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Hi @M-Ritter,

You still need the seed phrase to be able to restore your wallet nowadays. Maybe other member could help you.

P. S. : Usually Daedalus asks you to write the seed phrase in a paper. Try to find the paper if you write one


Either you need the recovery phrase or the privtekey stored on the laptop to able to import the wallet.
So hope you can restore data from the hard drive of the old laptop…

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He said that the laptop is gone :confused:

Nope, u will need the seed words or the secret.key file in order to restore the wallet


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