Lost my ADA with wrong paper wallet

Another one bites the dust.
I realise that my lost ADA is most likely unrecoverable but wanted to get this community’s thoughts regardless.

I was playing around with creating paper wallets on Yoroi before buying my first batch of ADA.
I created one as practice and another one which I ended up using.
I destroyed the practice paper wallet (shredded and binned many months ago).
Stupidly, I must’ve copied the practice paper wallet public address and have been sending ADA to that instead of my actual paper wallet.
So when I tried to restore my paper wallet, imagine my surprise when the account value was 0!

Anyway, I still have the public address and spending password of the practice paper wallet. Really, I’m just missing the 21 seed words.
Is there anyway of restoring my paper wallet?
And if the answer is no, does anyone know if recovering lost seed words will be a function in the future?


The whole point of the seed words is that it is unhackable and thus unrecoverable. Maybe multi signature wallets are a solution where 2 (people) can take coins out of the same wallet. But then you have to trust the other person. But if you lose your private key or seed words, then the other person still has access.