Lost my ADA?

Same problem here I accidently sended it to metamask from bittrex and followed al the steps but I thinks it’s gone. It’s says ada 0 :scream:

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i just did this by accident and got my ADA to show on Metamask on the binance smart chain add token and put this contract in 0x3EE2200Efb3400fAbB9AacF31297cBdD1d435D47 it was the only way to show my ADA after i transfered them from binance.

perhaps is better to tell all the story :slight_smile:

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The whole story is that they’ll ask you for your private keys and take all of your crypto lol.

Be careful with sending/receiving as far as blockchains/addresses, guys. There are several networks…

Hi, I have seen some of your responses and wondered if you could help - I deposited my ADA on Yoroi waiting for the sundaeswap launch which was delayed. However, when I go into Yoroi and use my recovery seed (validated as correct), the account has a zero balance and the account address is different from the address I originally deposited by ADA into.
I have traced the orginal transactions on cardanascan and can see the correct ADA total with 2 different addresses to the one displayed when I input my recovry seed.
Any help would be much appreciated

Hi Everyone!

Last week I sent my ADA from Coinbase to Binance but it isn’t there when I see the transaction it’s sent to a Cardano address and I can see it on the Cardano blockchain. Is there a way to get it.


Should arrive soon, these days binance upgrading the wallets for alonzo SC… be patience

It’s been 11 days so far. I’m getting very concerned

What do you mean by upgrading the wallets for alonzo SC? So your not surprised that after 11 days I haven’t received anything. Is this even normal

I know binance upgrading the wallets but anyway u should contact binance and share with them the transaction ID

How do you contact Binance though? I hear they are unresponsive I can’t find an email or anything to contact them with. I’m not in the US either.

Where to though? It’s all automated responses. I want to speak to someone or have an email where I can explain the issue.

But, can u share the transaction ID (u can send it in private)?

Yes I have access to the transaction ID. Is there any where I can send it to them?

Is there any way I can DM you here for you to help me. I would appreciate that.

Thank You

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