Lost my AdaLite wallet after a Trezor T Restore

I’m using Trezor T, which was up till now linked to an AdaLite account.
My Cardano were staking in AdaLite, meaning that at some point (June 2021) I’ve sent Cardano from my Trezor T to AdaLite.

Today, during a firmware update to my Trezor T, something went wrong and I eventually had to restore my account. This, created a new wallet unfortunately…
When I logged to AdaLite with my Trezor T, I can’t see any funds in my account - not staked, nothing. Probably due to my Trezor T being setup as a new wallet.

In my Trezor Suite (desktop and web), I can see the transaction history.
I’ve also verified the transaction in https://explorer.cardano.org/

How can I recover my lost wallet??
Appreciate your help!

Are you sure that you really sent ADA? If you just connected the Trezor to Adalite, the funds should have already been there. Adalite is just another interface to the same wallet with the same ADA on the same blockchain.

Did you restore with the same seed phrase?

Do you remember if you used the passphrase functionality – https://trezor.io/learn/a/passphrases-and-hidden-wallets – of Trezor?
If so, are you sure that you use the same passphrase now as back then?

Do you see it as the transaction history of the currently connected Trezor or did it just remember that you once had a Trezor controlling that account?
Does it also show the current balance or does it show the funds being transferred to somewhere else in the end?
Are the (stake) addresses the same as when you connect to Adalite?

Thanks for the reply!

  • Really sent - yes, I’m sure. Balance went to 0 at the time I chose to stake, transaction can be explored and is marked as sent.
  • I didn’t use a passphrase functionality.
  • I see it in the transaction history.
  • Sent somewhere else - I believe it is shown.
  • Stake addresses - I have no idea, unfortunately.

That shouldn’t have happened. When staking on Cardano the ADA stay in your wallet. Just 2 ADA deposit and the transaction fee go out and the deposit only on the very first staking registration.

I can’t really see much from a redacted transaction.

It would be good to find out:

  • A receive address of the wallet you get, when connecting Trezor to Adalite now. (Also: Can you see the same transactions in the history on Adalite as on Trezor Suite?)
  • A receive address of the wallet that has sent out the ADA.
  • The address that you seemingly sent the ADA to when you were trying to stake. (It may look like the ADA going out, when they just went to a different address in the same wallet, but then the balance wouldn’t have gone to zero.)

Also: cardanoscan.io will show you the stake address when looking at a receive/base address. The stake address for most intents and purposes is a good representation of a “wallet”. In most cases, all the addresses of a wallet are built to belong to the same stake address.

Cardanoscan.io was a great idea.
So, it presents the receiving address now with the ADA .
Not sure what now, though…

You are telling me too little to be able to help you, unfortunately.

Is the wallet you get when connecting Trezor to Adalite the same you see in Trezor Suite?

Did the ADA go to yet another wallet, when you were trying to stake? Do you recognise it as one of yours? Maybe you also had a seed phrase wallet and were really not using the Trezor?

Without information nobody will be able to help you.

Adding more details (hopefully that somewhat helps):

  1. My Trezor T firmware, up till today, was 2.4.2.
    This version didn’t support Cardano, which is why I’ve used AdaLite.
    AdaLite login was done by a bridge to my Trezor T, without a passphrase or seed.
    Back then, once logged in I could see the funds and stake.
  2. The missing funds issue began right after upgrading to the latest available firmware = 2.5.2.
    This firmware includes Cardano support.
  3. Situation now:
    3.1. Trezor suite (desktop and web) presents my ADA transactions, 0 funds and no staking.
    3.2. AdaLite login using Trezor doesn’t present my ADA transactions, and 0 funds. Different wallet?
    3.3. AdaLite login using a seed (first time I’ve tried that) presents my ADA transactions, 0 funds and no staking (similar to the Trezor suite).

There is a bit to clarify here:

The firmware did support Cardano since 2.0.8 from October 2018: https://github.com/trezor/trezor-firmware/blob/master/core/CHANGELOG.md#208-october-2018
Otherwise, the Trezor couldn’t have been used with Adalite and other Cardano wallet apps. They have to have support by the firmware to ask the Trezor to sign transactions.

It was the Trezor Suite that did not have Cardano support until recently. It has now, so that you can use the Suite as you could use other wallet apps before that.

A bridge? What bridge? You could open a Trezor wallet directly on adalite.io without using a bridge:
And that possibility also has been there since 2018: https://github.com/vacuumlabs/adalite/commit/04da2e1deabf226a602a0eef927736aa593b84d3

Are you sure that bridge was legit? And if it was: Do we know what it did back then?

So, you could see the funds and the staking when connecting with Trezor to Adalite using the button on adalite.io itself just before the upgrade?

That is an interesting bit. So, Trezor had a bug that prevented the same seed phrase being used on the Trezor and in a software wallet (which is not a good idea from a security viewpoint, anyway, but is okay when trying to find/restore funds like in this case, I think). That bug was fixed only in November 2021: https://github.com/trezor/trezor-firmware/pull/1873

I’d suppose that Adalite still uses the legacy derivation with the bug (to keep backwards compatibility with Trezor users that connected before the fix).

Since you are seeing the transaction history when restoring from the seed phrase, that wallet did use the correct derivation without the bug. But a Trezor was not able to do that in June 2021. Are you really, really sure that you did not give a seed phrase to some software in this “bridge” process?

If you look at the account where your funds were sent back when you were trying to stake: Is it delegated to the pool that you were delegating to back then? Are there further transactions that you did or that you didn’t do?