Lost my laptop with deadalus wallet...help me pls!

Hello! help me gentlemen! if I lost my laptop with wallet deadalus, when I do recovery on another laptop, will someone have access to my wallet or will he have to enter 24 words?

will two wallets be active on the old and the new laptop? Will that old laptop wallet be deactivated? how does it look like? help!

If someone has your laptop he will have access to your wallet from Daedalus even if you restore your wallet to another laptop. I suppose he don’t have your password as well to send ADA.
I suggest you restore your old wallet to a new laptop and withdraw your ADA to a new wallet because just by restoring it the old one won’t be deactivated.

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So it is not possible to remove my old wallet remotely from my old laptop? thank you for your reply.

Okay last question. just tell me. I have the impression that someone has my deadalus passwords. And I have a question whether technical assistance can track this person by working with the police. because I’m curious who it could be. be it one of my colleagues or maybe a hacker. I will transfer my ad to a new wallet but I am waiting for the blockchain to download. I am asking because the attempted theft is also punished.

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It’s possible only if you can access your laptop remotely and remove your wallet and/or Daedalus app

I suppose if you go to the police they could contact Daedalus support team and ask but that’s to the police if they start an investigation. I really don’t have a clear answer to that, sorry.

I read about logs in deadalus and maybe there is, for example, information about the ip device or internet provider

You can restore your wallet with you Key, but before i would recommend to get a desktop computer.

why don’t you simply get a new laptop>download daedalus>restore your wallet>transfer all coins to a hardware wallet>delete daedalus’ hot wallet. Game over. Safe&sound.


How to delete hot wallet?

Because blockchain it’s downloading so many time it’s 70% in 24h :confused:

But i think somebody stole my cardano. Because I made this I first time. And my cardano didn’t exist on this wallet. And I hope ihok - support of deadalus have ip of device where the thief download dedalus. It is possible is there any hope that the support has access to the ip of the device where deadalus is installed or to the ip of the internet provider to pass this data to the police.

The longer you wait or philosophize about whether your coins have been stolen or not, the greater the chance for others to grab your coins from your old laptop.

download daedalus>restore your wallet>transfer all coins to a device like Ledger, Trezor or whatsoever or (for a while) to an exchange wallet >Game over. Safe&sound.


Yes i know. My coins was stolen. And gave my logs iohk- support.

Are these logs contain the ip data of the device on which my wallet deadalus was installed by the thief?

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You missed a staking step. :crazy_face:

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