Laptop lost with Daedalus what to do?


Just want to know : imagine my laptop is lost/stolen and i am so an guy without password on my Windows/osx. The person who have find my laptop can send with my wallet some transactions because i don’t have any password :slight_smile: (stupid).

Can i Block the wallet/transactions on that wallet and recover my wallet back on my new laptop/pc witg the 12 words?

Like some applications is it possible to say lock or log off :slight_smile:

Hope it’s possible or will be possible!

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The only thing you can do is being faster than your thief.

You should recover your wallet with the 12 words, create a new one a move all the funds to the new wallet.

If you can do this before the thief, you’ll be safe.


I can also recommend to delete the Daedalus wallet from your laptop and install it on a Desktop/Raspberry at home.

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I am not the person that will not have password on his pc but it will be good to have it :slight_smile: