Lost wallet

Hi guys,

due to some unfortunate circumstances that I cannot change this happened to me:

  1. Initial wallet A was created in Daedulus with funds that I moved from Bittrex (I have all the phrase codes to recover Wallet A, tried and tested)

  2. In Daedulues I moved funds from wallet A to a new wallet B that I made

However Wallet B - I did not have any of the phrase keys (I was a noob and I looked everywhere to try and recover them whilst there were still funds showing in my wallet - However I only noted down my paper wallet… which I now know you actually have to move funds there for it to mean anything, I thought just having these phrases would be enough to somehow reset my spending password)

  1. Me thinking creating a paper wallet and having the paper wallet phrases would be enough to retrieve back my wallet…

  2. I reinstalled Daedulus and resynced - After I noticed I did not have the phrase code and my wallet was gone from Daedulus I could only recover Wallet A.

  3. Is there a way to retrieve my funds from Wallet B? Since I still have all the programme files of Daedulus in my folders…

Or somehow get back what I lost using Wallet A?

I contacted IOHK and they said something about recovering my Wallet using my secrets folder?
Replacing the new secrets folder with the old one?

Anyone have any idea how I can do that, or anyway I can recover my funds from Wallet B?


P.S This happened a while ago and I told myself that was it I had lost my funds, but new info had come up about recovering a secrets folder to recover my old wallet?

  1. When I say I reinstalled Daedulus and resynced -

I followed this method -

Did you have a backup of your folder before your actions to delete the folders?
If not, then there is unfortunately no easy way. The only way that I can see is if you can try a professional data recovery software to recover Secrets-1.0 (and if possible, for ease - Wallet-1.0-acid), but that may also depend on the type of your disk and usage since the folder deletion.

Both nos unfortunately - thankfully it wasn’t a devastating amount.

Oh well :slight_smile:

Thank you guys - this defo wont ever happen again!

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