Marketing idea

Let’s face it, Charles is the face and driving force of Cardano. He is the reason I am so very, very heavily invested in Cardano.

I feel Charles is going to be a world changer.

I think someone selling Cardano swag, or merch, or whatever the kids are calling it these days, should put out a line with just Charles’ face. But with a Bill Murray twist. Charles doesn’t take himself too seriously and we want to keep the humanity in him.

Would this catch on with in the crypo/nerd demographic?

Could also sell stencils.

this would be going in the wrong direction imho

cardano doesn’t need a figure head, what it needs to do is provide value to people

no point in marketing anything until the platform provides utility, for that we need goguen, that is when to start worry about marketing… but not to market cardano to just anyone but to developers… and even then the priority shouldn’t be just hey you, use cardano… but rather, hey you, look at these awesome tools, look at this awesome documentation, check out these sweet ass APIs, come out to plutusfest and peddle your wares etc etc etc

this would be like throwing a stone in the pond, like ripples they eventually reach every edge, developers and their solutions will reach the masses


Totally agree with @franco.
Let’s market the technology/philosophy rather than a person.

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We already have the best Charles pictures.


The average person doesn’t give a shit about the tech. They need a person as a bridge to the project.

But i get the feeling that a lot of people in the community don’t think the average person needs to know about Cardano. I disagree.

On the subject of marketing I just saw this tweet from Charles:

2020 is going to be pretty cool!


His tweet says MCcain but I think he is talking about McCann:

Sure would be cool if someone could get my commercial to Charles…


I would be a lot cheaper than an agency, and I honestly think that the TRUST angle is the way to go. No one trusts anyone anymore, especially the government and financial institutions.

My guess is that governments and financial systems do trust formal methods… That’s why I have (most of) my eggs in the Cardano basket.

About your commercial: Just tweet it to Charles. He reads a lot of it…


I hate twitter

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I didn’t buy my first iPhone because I trusted or connected with Steve Jobs. People like us who are early and deeply involved and invested understand the value in great leadership and sheer genius and the need for a central technical authority to get thing going right at the start. But the masses will likely care less about Charles in the end, they want shiny toys that don’t break easy or cost too much. Having said that, representatives of some sort are necessary and Charles makes a great one. It is critical to avoid the personality cult though, hopefully many strong Cardano ambassador voices come forward and carry the torch, perhaps along side Charles. Will be interesting to see how this really plays out.

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