Massive scam pools - find something interesting

After read topic, Massive scam pools I tested a page and find something interesting. I believe that all pools were operated by a person.!
Sorry, I use my private account. But we need to announce other people in the community

How did you get that screenshot? showing chmod commands and private key of multiple pools. Do you have access to the node to run all those commands?

You look like a new guy, just joined. Can’t trust you yet.

when analyzed website, I found a google sheet store on that and it showed all these information

Please share the link to the source. Interesting find. So many pools configured manually and the path of source key is known. That is some bad practice.

All keys were removed by the owner, that file shows step to step guide to setup a pool, but it still stores some info about scam pools. Anw, I think the owner create these pools

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with all of those pools, man can manipulate a vote / election, which is based on pool vote power.

I think community should have awareness about this situation, it’s not fair for other SPOs

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The truth is out there. I want to believe.