Meetup group in Charlotte NC

Greetings everyone My name is Billy and I’m looking to see if anyone in my area (Charlotte NC) holding any meetup groups?? Please reach out if so or if your interested in starting a group ?? Thank you!!

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Man you probably just need to launch a Meetup, and start from there, sometimes our community is in an area but not following the forum closely, make sure to use the CF guidelines and advice and put it out on your local social media outlets, might take a few months before people really take notice, could be days though…

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I was thinking the same thing. Thanks

Hi @Billy1 It’s great to hear that you want to hold a meetup in your area. Our anniversary is coming so you can celebrate the anniversary with the community in your area.

The Cardano Foundation team published a meetup ebook to help the community members who wants to do their first event. You can find the guidelines here.
Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines

Thank You Ms Kim!! I was actually looking to see if anyone has already started one… I now see there is not so i’m going to study the ebook and start to set one up… Very excited to see how it all goes…

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