Messages elided, reason to be concerned?

Was researching a couple of missed slots over a week ago. At about the same time the missed slots were detected, this Notice message in the BP node

bpnode-s:cardano.node.ChainDB:Notice:109] [2021-11-24 14:40:02.42 UTC] before next, messages elided = 2150716684455925

Does anyone know the meaning behind this message? I take “elided” to mean something like “deleted” or “suppressed”. Does this point to a technical issue with my node, or is this an overall Cardano network issue?

And maybe the message is coincidental with the missed slots. Less than 3 hours later. I missed two more slots, but no error message at bp node around that time.

Additional details:
BP node running on Contabo virtual dedicated server, 4 cores, 2.8 ghz, 32 GB ram, 500 mbit/second port. cardano runtime params: +RTS -N -RTS