Minimal stakepool equipment

Hi all,
I have question what exactly “public ip4 address” means in “Minimal stakepool equipment” ?

Does stakepool node will correctly work with public address with dynamic assignment (Internet providers usually are using pool of IP addresses, dynamically assigned ) or it must be public address with static assignment (IP address never change ) ?

Talking about “Shelley Networked Testnet System Requirements” :

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This might interest you (not a complete answer)


Yes, that’s it.

So are you going to restart the node once the IP has been changed?

I agree, that ideal world would be like described in issue:

*… *

*The feature request is to have a smooth, instant and smart way to update (inject) what effectively changed (the public gossiping IP) without restarting the whole node. *

But now - as I understand - every time IP change I must reedit config file and restart the node ?