Minswap airdrop scam

Hi all, I want to see if anyone can help me with a problem. It seems I’ve fallen for a minswap airdrop scam where my wallet has been drained. Is there anything I can do at all?

No theres nothing you can do about that once your transaction has been confirmed by the network.

I do recommand to make a report to your local authorities and hope for the best.

Can you explain what happened in detail ? I am also getting " Minswap airdrop tickets" to my Lace wallet address…and about 1 ADA also… And I am seeing scam posts on medium.com that medium tries to delete in time…

He probably clicked on the link which was attached to these scam tokens and then he connected his wallet and signed a transaction which cleaned his whole wallet.

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I am receiving such NFT’s too how to deal with these scam NFT? Can I send one of my unused wallet?How to deal with these NFT’s?

Id recommand to consolidate them into a single utxo and then transfer the scam nft to $burnit.

This way you can profit of these scam attempts :slight_smile:

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Very sorry to hear about this @Wayne_Kempson. When in doubt, always consult on the forum in the future. Always better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!

Thanks guys for the comments and help. Expensive lesson to learn!

hi guys ,these scammers can random choose a wallet adress and send right?? all wallet typs…dllus,etrnl,nami,pytn,yoroi,lace etc etc so they send and it drops in to your wallet😬 pff spooky stuff guys how the best way to remove this stuff asap??
so they get your spending passw or 24 words???.

You can simply ignore these tokens in your wallet. As long as you dont click on the URL which is in attached to the tokens, you are not in danger.

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so there is no way to block this garbage to enter your wallet

Nope there isnt. But as i said, you can simply ignore them.

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thank u zyroxa

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