Missing ADA, Daedalus wallet

I’ve got a question, I transfered ADA yesterday from binance to my daedalus wallet.

The summary view of the wallet states “Incoming pending confirmation” number of transactions 1

Below that under transactions it states ADA received “transaction failed”.

The transfer went through and was confirmed but is not showing up in the wallet. Looking at the cordano blockchain explorer it looks as if it went through should be there.


Whats the next step? never ran across this problem… Delete the wallet and restore it? any ideas, any known issues. (Daedalus 0.12.1# /Windows)

thanks for any insight.

Hi There,

Instead of deleting and restoring your wallet, I would recommend you to follow steps below:

  • Close Daedalus
  • Go to %AppData%\Daedalus
  • Backup Wallet-1.0-acid and Secrets-1.0 folders (to any alternate location)
  • Delete the latest checkpoints-00xx.log and events log (only the latest one, typically 0 bytes in size) from Wallet-1.0-acid.
  • Start Daedalus again, and wait for ~10 minutes while those logs are regenerated.

If the error persists (or if any doubts), can I request you to continue in telegram group?

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Thanks for the help, I tried your advise and the problem persists. I installed another copy of daedalus on a macbook and restored the wallet with no problems. I am thinking my next step will be to delete the wallet on the windows install of Daedalus and try restoring it. If I have any other problems I can try the group on telegram. Thanks again for your time!